Benjamin is a tattoo artist from Melbourne, Australia who specializes in photorealism and portraits. Benjamin works at the Black Mark Tattoo Studio in Australia.

Benjamin actually didn’t ever consider being a tattoo artist, until one day his tattooist and friend, Neil Braithwaite, offered him an apprenticeship, as his old apprentice had left. Benjamin thought it over for a day or two, as he had just finished another apprenticeship in sheet metal, but decided tattooing was a career he could enjoy.

"My first studio was Coolum Tattoo in Queensland, Australia. It was kind of small, but it was more like a family, great crew and always a laugh to be had. Here was where I learned to tattoo. I am very grateful for my time there, to my mentor and clients, but I had to get the fuck out of there after 4 years. This was the town I also grew up in. I have since moved to Melbourne and haven’t looked back!"