Dave is a tattoo artist from Portugal who started tattooing in 2013 and who specializes in photorealism and portraits. Since he was young, Dave would spend his school breaks drawing, painting, and airbrush painting. He started off painting helmets, cars, motorcycles, fuel tanks, and acrylic and oil paintings. He has loved art and the tattoo world his whole life.

Dave learned how to tattoo on his own over time, but he actually started with a major in architecture. The security that came with being an architect was appealing, but eventually, Dave's passion for art broke through and he became engulfed in the art of tattooing. In June 2013, Dave bought his first rotary machine and never looked back.

However, it was not just security that made a major in architecture appealing to Dave. His ability to focus and map out greatly detailed designs drew him to the subject, and this ability has become especially important to him in his career as a professional tattoo artist. Dave continually seeks to expand his styles and has achieved a unique photorealistic style that blends realism with graphical and geometric designs.