Gill is the ultimate nomad tattoo artist. Never looking back, always ready for the next challenge. He travels light, fights to the death, and you’ll never see him flinch.

His tattoos, both his own and those he creates are badges of honor, a coat of arms worn into the battle of life. Tattoos tell his story, and the story of others, and they are an ever-present reminder of who we are.

The Gill Montie skull tattoo is a coveted symbol to wear on one’s skin. In fact, it seemed for a while that no tattoo artist could get through this life without a Gill skull tattoo. That’s just how legendary Gill Montie has become, and that’s why he’s an Intenze Legend.

“I firmly believe that in order to tattoo people you have to be an experienced man. This is the only religion I believe in. When I had Christmas with my family, a tattoo machine went on top of the tree. That’s where all the presents come from. Jesus gave me nothin’.”