Youth, for London, was also heavily influenced by art. An avid drawer since the time he could walk, he was obsessed with art. His parents fueled and encouraged that obsession with as many art supplies as he needed.

Gradually, his obsession with drawing gave way to a passion for tattoo. “I drowned myself in the art of tattoo and never looked back,” London recalls. The bright colors and imagery of his youth and birthplace spoke to him. He knew what he was meant to do, and it’s something he’s pursued with passion ever since.

It’s that passion that defines London’s work, and what he believes separates great artists from the rest of the pack. “You have to want to push yourself to be better,” he says. “If you’re the same artist today that you were five years ago, you’re not working hard enough.” London first noticed this passion when he began working as an apprentice, and beyond money and fame, it’s what’s stayed with him ever since.